Reputation Management & Building a Positive Online Image

online image building

Protect your brand & bury negative sites

Building a positive online image or reputation management is a critical response to any negative articles, reviews or feedback that may appear on the internet which could be costly to your company.

Our reputation management service will respond to negative posts and comments that may be appearing in a top 10 position when a search of you company name is done in Google. Panovista Marketing will work in a systematic way to relegate damaging posts from the web using a two-way method:

  1. Improving Your First Page Results with positive links about your products or services
  2. Pushing down negative search results and gradually displacing negatives posts by creating sister sites, connecting your website to review directories and using social media exposure and blog sites.

Your customers are turning to the web to find your businesses services and products, and more consumers (84 %) rely on online reviews or "digital word-of-mouth" to make the actual purchase decisions. One bad online review or blog post can devastate a business if it goes unnoticed and unanswered.