Marketing for Funding to Assist Companies in the Science Sector

marketing for companies in the science sector

Obtain the best insights, strategies, tools and trends to make the most out of your next funding marketing campaign.

Panovista Marketing can assist you with providing marketing at all funding stages. We can test product ideas and market demand to help your investors visualise opportunities.

  • Seed rounds
  • Angel investors
  • Venture capital funds
  • Charity investment funds
  • Corporate ventures
  • Government funding and tax incentives
    • Many of our solutions fall into R&D development that can be claimed back as tax credits. (qualifying research and development activities)
  • marketing for companies in the science sector
  • Crowdfunding from the public
    • Product research
    • Research on competitorsí strategies
    • Pre-Launch campaign
    • Funding stage: Going Live
    • Communities to boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign
    • Main Promotion channels
      • Facebook Ads
      • Outreach campaign
      • Influencer marketing for Facebook Instagram and YouTube
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Facebook Messenger Marketing
      • Direct Sales
      • Cross Promotions
    • Tracking the results

    Innovative Growth Solutions for Science Businesses

    Get in touch to discuss

    1. How to get prepared for a successful campaign
    2. How to collect an audience who require your product
    3. How to create a campaign page that will attract visitors
    4. How to build a network of journalists and influencers to create buzz around your product
    5. How to create Facebook ads that increase your branding and awareness

    ioLight Portable Microscope

    “ioLight engaged Panovista because we know how important Search & Facebook marketing is, but we do not have the time to deep dive to depths you need to exploit it. Panovista is fantastic at this and they have increased the effectiveness of our digital marketing and reduced the costs. Better still they now have a good understanding of our technology also provide lead qualification. So we get well-qualified leads or often, just orders. Highly recommended.”


    Andrew Monk - Director & Co-founder at ioLight

    NanoView Biosciences

    “We are very happy with Panovista's help in marketing to the science sector. The amount of patience, guidance, and knowledge that he has displayed throughout the whole process made them a very easy and enjoyable partner to work with. We would recommend Panovista Marketing for any business looking to grow!”

    Google Search Agency

    Andrew Malloy - VP of Sales & Marketing at NanoView Biosciences